9 January 2017

REVIEW: Go Travel Mobile Control Headphones

In control.

What do you need in a pair of headphones? If you're looking for an immersive quality of sound and infinite connectivity... move on, eh? That is because today we're looking at a pair of small, simple, and toned-down headphones, perfect for both exercise and travel. We review the Go Travel Mobile Control Headphones.

These are some of the most simplified headphones we've ever reviewed, being the standard plug-in earbud style without bells and whistles. However, despite the low specs (and low price), the Go Travel Mobile Control has a few tricks up those metaphorical sleeves.

First of all, the sound. As you might imagine from headphones at this price, you aren't going to be blown away by the quality of the sound reproduction. They aren't bad at all, but if you're going from a pair of high-end expensive headphones to these, you will notice the difference. So you might not be buying these to lounge at home listening to your latest downloads and appreciate the subtle variances in the track.

What you might buy them for, however, and what we've been using them for heavily this past week, is running and fitness. As a great little pair of disposable headphones, they are superb. Because you haven't forked out much for them, you won't be all that bothered if they get bashed around or drenched in your sweat. They also fit very well, coming with a few extra pair of silicon buds, to get an almost perfect fit, keeping them wedged in there during workouts.

Uniquely, the Go Travel Mobile Control Headphones have a couple of highlights that far more expensive headphones tend not to possess. Along the cord, further down from the in-line remote and microphone, is a handy cord organiser around which to wrap the wires to keep them neat. In this organiser is also a headphone splitter; another 3.5mm jack you can plug another pair of headphones to share the music.

So this makes them great for travelling too, when you and a partner might only have one media player between you. A headphone splitter is one of those really useful things to always have laying around, so integrating it with the cord tidy is a genius idea. Suddenly that fifteen quid seems quite well spent.

So although they might not impress the audiophiles amongst us, as a pair of reliable and versatile (and cheap) headphones, the Go Travel Mobile Control Headphones fit the bill very well.


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