10 January 2017

NEWS: NASA coffee cups for sale

This is one small cup for man...

Space enthusiast? If so, how about enjoying your morning espresso in the same kind of cup the astronauts use to drink theirs onboard the International Space Station? The NASA-approved Flight Fidelity Space Cup has been especially designed for use in micro-gravity, and despite being open topped like an ordinary Earth-bound cup, it will keep the fluid where it needs to be.

Check this out:

The cup is now available to buy from the Spaceware website, in two very different versions. You could either purchase one made from porcelain for $74.95, or if you're a real die-hard space fan, you can buy a SLA 3D-printed one for a mere $499.95. Yeah, we know!

Still, this is a pretty unique gift for the astro-lover who has everything - but just be sure to tell them that it isn't dishwasher safe. Find out more at spaceware.co

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