14 January 2017

FEATURE: January Club - Stuff

All very much needed.

In our previous feature we checked out a bunch of stuff you can wear while working out as part of your New Year fitness routine. Today we look at... well, stuff innit? Those little accessories that help get you going and make exercise a bit more convenient. And so...

Tech 21 Evo Check Active Edition iPhone Case

Most of us will take out phones with us for a run these days, not only to use in case we need to make a call, but also to use a running or tracking app. Therefore... KEEP IT SAFE, FOOL! Regardless of if you strap it to your body or casually grip it in your hand, a decent phone case with drop-protection is essential.

This offering from Tech 21 is great and the emphasis has very much been placed upon impact resistance. Using Tech 21's FlexShock, the Evo Check Active can keep a phone (in the case of the one we were sent, an iPhone 7 Plus) protected from falls from as high as three metres. So that is as if you're running with a mate on your shoulders, and they drop the phone they are talking on. It feels nice in the hand, too; offering decent grip and access to all your buttons.


Visit www.tech21.com

Wow Protein

Thirsty after your workout? Drinking water will quench your thirst but it doesn't have everything your body needs to repair itself following a strenuous session. Wow Protein is a protein and vitamins packed water drink designed to be consumed immediately after exercise, and it uses a pretty unique method to mix all the ingredients.

Before drinking it you have to push down a special 'Blast Cap' which drops a powdery substance into the water below. This is the protein itself, 20g to be precise, and by keeping it separate from the water means the drink doesn't need preservatives. There are also B, C, and D vitamins in there, as well as stuff to help your muscles feel better. It tastes pretty nice (we had a Tropical flavour) and it really did seem to help us feel stronger quicker following a run.

Visit wowprotein.com

Fitness Mad Wobble Board

Weather rubbish? Just don't feel like going all the way to the gym? Fret not, fitness friends - just wobble. The Wobble Board from Fitness Mad is a small (just 40cm across) and light bit of kit that you can whip out whenever.

The Wobble Board is used to improve your balance and core strength. You stand on in and complete of number of slow and gentle exercises (suggestions are made on the box), all the while trying to keep the board as level as possible. It's one hell of a work out for your core, and being able to increase the amount of wobble from 19 to 23 degrees really helps to step it up a notch. Lots of fun, too.


Visit www.discount-supplements.co.uk

Aloe 24/7

Not so much a drink that will give you a boost before and after exercise, but rather something to keep you healthier overall. Aloe 24/7 is essentially aloe cordial, designed to be added to water or other drinks. It is taken from the aloe ferox plant, native to southern Africa, which is known to be a great source of goodness for your skin.

But it also contains calcium, magnesium, and fibre, as well as glyco-nutrients to keep your bowels happy and you feeling great. It might not be a get-up-and-go sports drink, but every day use could help you to get healthier far quicker. Tastes pretty good, too.

Visit www.aloe24-7.co.uk

Mr Black Sport Refresh

So if you bought any of the clothing we mentioned last time, you'll want to keep it in tip top condition, right? To help fight the damage that bacteria can do to clothing fabrics (as well as the damage the bad smell can do to your social life), ask Mr Black.

The Sport Refresh from cleansing experts Mr Black can be sprayed on to the most offending of areas of your clothing kit, to kill the harmful bacteria that thrives there. Basically, armpits and crotches, people! This particular spray has been formulated for special exercise materials that might be too delicate for conventional cleansers. Needless to say, giving your favourite work-out t-shirt a blast with this when you're done really seems to help.


Visit mr-blacks.com

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