20 January 2017

COMMENT: Lottery 2.0 – The Future of Picking Your Numbers

For businesses in almost every industry, sector, and profession, a strong online presence has never been more vital to secure a competitive edge for their product or service. Nowhere is this more apparent than the iGaming industry, one of the fastest growing sectors of the entire gaming industry as a whole. If, like us, you’ve noticed more and more TV and internet adverts for online casinos, poker rooms, bookmakers and the like, then you might be wondering why this is the case.

The way people game is changing – in fact, it has already changed. Mobile technology is taking over, with many of us spending more time on smartphones and tablets and, and far less time sitting at home on a desktop computer, or even a laptop. And withover 4 million downloadable applications between them, the two biggest app stores, Google Play and Apple’s App Store, have never offered more choice for the mobile gamer.

It’s no surprise then that even the most traditional of gaming services are making the switch to digital, and there are few more ingrained into our cultural heritage than playing the lottery. This makes it a fascinating case study for the growth of digital, particularly versus more traditional physical formats.

Digital vs. Physical – Who’s your money on?

(Photo via Lottoland.com)

For regular players of the lottery, the ability to play lotto from your mobile seems like nothing short of a revolution in convenience. Long-standing operators like Lottoland are clearly investing a sizeable amount in the development of their mobile applications, and aim to make the process of playing the lottery each week as simple as possible for the user.

Many lotto players are creatures of habit and prefer to stick with the same numbers every week, often for the course of a lifetime, which is why such apps now give people the option to renew their numbers automatically, with no danger of forgetting to submit them in time. App users also benefit by having the ability to play different types of lotteries from around the world, not just those based in the UK. Pretty nifty, right?

But let’s give the physical version some credit. Even though it is way more convenient to submit your numbers within a few taps on your mobile phone screen, bear in mind that some people enjoy making the trip to their local corner shop or supermarket as part of their weekly routine. The app version may not be everybody’s cup of tea in this respect, but it does seem like there are more pros than cons for those who choose to use it.

Saving The Planet

One step at a time, at least. Honestly, though, the fact that digital technology allows many businesses to reduce both their overheads and carbon footprint by no longer having to rely on printing roll after roll of physical tickets is huge.

The best thing is that this is in no way the sole preserve of lottery companies; the lesser need for physical tickets applies to gaming services, music venues, cinema complexes, or any other ticketed event or service the world over. We even recently saw a great e-ticketing concept being introduced in India, on public buses!

So while physical tickets aren’t about to become completely obsolete any time soon, having the alternative option of e-tickets will surely help to mitigate their environmental impact and will very likely lead to a more efficient ticketing process for generations to come. The future is well and truly here, and it’s wonderful to see that traditional services like the Lottery have already begun to embrace it.

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