13 December 2016

NEWS: US drones coming to the UK

Don't worry, Donald Trump isn't flying them.

Believe it or not, but as well as seeing Boeing and Airbus aeroplanes landing at your local airport, you may one day soon see unmanned drones touching down as well. This is because the UK MOD has just secured a £100 million deal with US arms company General Atomics to receive ten new Reaper Drones.

The purchase doubles the UK's UAV fleet to 20, but unlike in the States where military craft are limited to use military bases, in Europe drones such as the Reaper can actually be landed and flown from civilian airports. As concerning as this might seem, most of the drone flights the UK currently undertakes are for intelligence gathering n the Middle East (so they assure us), so hopefully high yield explosives won't be jetting off past your flight to Ibiza. We hope.

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