13 December 2016

COMMENT: How To Design your Games Room

If you love gaming in all its forms, then going the extra mile in designing the perfect “man cave” games room can be a great way to enhance the experience. Why not take your modding further with a gaming room? Check out this ROG gaming room with ROG logo ceiling lighting by Vinh Loc.

But where do you start?
Well, the ideal games room has to be something of a compromise between what’s desirable and what’s possible with your man cave design. If you live alone, this is probably going to be a bit easier, as it all depends on how understanding your partner / family / home sharers are. Another practical consideration is, of course, greenbacks. So decide on how much you’re willing to spend on the games room and don’t exceed your budget. Working to a budget is all part of the planning process and adds to the fun of creating your dream room.
Next, you’re going to need inspiration. You probably have a good preconceived idea of how your ideal games den is going to look, so hone this down a little by looking at pictures online, on Pinterest for example, or checking out the furniture stores or flea markets for inspiration.
If you’re a casino aficionado, have a look at some of the best casino interiors in Vegas. You may not be able to match the level of plushness, but the inspiration should certainly be there.

It’s quick and easy to start the balls rolling (almost literally) in your mini casino to see how things work. Find the best no deposit casino you can then start playing games of your choice for free to get the hang of things. If a casino atmosphere is your thing, it’s also easy to recreate the sound effects of the real thing. Many of the best sites out there have live dealers and most have great graphics and sound effects, so keep note of that.

Of course, you may decide to go down the traditional route of an actual roulette table, for example, or a poker table etc. There’s a huge market around the world for used gaming tables for everything from the casino to table football.
As for the room itself; decide where you’re going to position the three most important items in the cave; the computer (if you want a desktop), the ultra large flat-screen and the chair(s) or sofa(s). Most men in the perfect gaming man cave are going to spend a lot of time sitting down with various devices in their hands, whether it’s simply a tablet or gaming console – or the cell-phone.

But there are practical considerations here too. For many of us, beer positioning will be an all-important consideration along with cooling mechanisms for the same; a mini fridge, for example, will only set you back around $100 and will negate the need for those tiresome long treks to the kitchen!

Creating the perfect gaming room can only be done by you. You know what’s going to fit with your personality – however crazy it may seem to others. But here’s one final thought; if you can’t fit one inside your own home – how about creating the same vibe outdoors in a man-cave gaming shed? All you need is the right inspiration.

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