16 December 2016

NEWS: How much does a holographic girlfriend cost?

Holo, I'm home!

Have you ever dreamt of having a meaningful relationship with a piece of software? Yes, of course you. Well, the makers of Gatebox are hoping for that anyway, as the price for their holographic personal assistant gadget has been revealed. For upwards of $3000 you can finally get a holographic girlfriend, this time next year. Check out this heart-breakingly sad video:

We mean, Jesus Christ! Why did they make the guy in the promo video seem so desperate and sad? This could have been a fun and novel device, like a funnier, more interesting version of Amazon's Echo. Instead this is like watching Krieger from Archer talk to his holographic girlfriend.

Still, if that's you, first of all we're sorry and we're sure there is a human out there for you, but secondly to find out more go to gatebox.ai

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