5 December 2016

FEATURE: Christmas Stocking Fillers #7

Getting quite full, now.

With less than three weeks to go until the big day, we bet you're starting to panic, aren't you? That is, if you've yet to buy any gifts. If you've got 'em all, we bet you're sitting back all smug like, watching everyone else scurry around. Ha, look at them. Still, here are five more sound ideas for Christmas presents.

House of Marley Chant Mini Bluetooth Speaker

If you're wanting to get a music lover you know a small stocking-friendly speaker this Christmas, but worried that small size means rubbish sound, fret not. The Chant Mini from House of Marley is a powerful little beast of a Bluetooth speaker with a very unique look. Combining wood, plastic, and a hemp-like fabric into the body, the Chant Mini can be held in your palm yet it delivers impressive musical reproduction, along with deep and pleasing bass. You get six hours of playback from the onboard rechargeable battery, and the carabina clip means you can attach it to your bag and keep the tunes pumping all day.


Jumbo Games Dino 3D Puzzles

How do you make jigsaws more entertaining? Easy, make it a 3D jigsaw. And do you make a 3D jigsaw more entertaining? Easy, make it a 3D jigsaw of a dinosaur! That is the basic thinking behind these puzzles from Jumbo Games, and a butt-load of fun they are too. We were sent a T-Rex and a stegosaurus to try, both being challenging enough even for the grown-ups. Using a few dozen soft foam pieces, you build up the shape of the prehistoric beast, then place it on the included base stand complete with species name. Fun, educational, and DINOSAURS!

£7.99 each

Rubik's Spark

No, not another altered version of the classic hand toy, but rather a whole new gaming system it itself. Rubik's Spark is unlike anything else the company makes, as it is a fixed cube with no moving parts. Instead, an internal gyroscope knows which way the cube is facing, allowing you to play six different light games, turning and spinning it to play. No endless twisting to get all the same colours on one side here, no. You have to chase a light, feed your snake (yep, just like Snake on your ex, ex, ex, ex, ex, ex, ex phone), and follow a set path. It is tonnes of instant fun, and haters of the original Rubik's Cube will probably love it. We've still never completed one, you know. Nailed this first time though.


Speedlink Quinox Gamepad

Know a PC gamer? If they've ever looked longingly at a console gamer's gamepad with envy, brighten their festive morning with the Quinox. This gamepad from Speedlink is fully programmable, meaning they can set the buttons and sticks to control whatever function in the game they like. As well as boasting the traditional controls on the top-side, there are triggers and additional buttons on the underside too. In the hand it is ergonomic, comfortable, and a pleasure to hold for prolonged periods. It is USB, can be customised via the included software, and also vibrates – like all the best gifts.


Gear4 Oxford Phone Case

If you know their phone model, a brand new phone case can always make a nice gift for someone. The Oxford from Gear4 is quite special, being a flip case that not only has space for a few credit cards, but can also act like a media stand. As with many cases like this, it comes in versions to accommodate the latest iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models, and once on, fits like a well-tailored glove. It uses D3O impact protection, so you know the phone will be safely housed, a magnetic closure to keep the flap over the screen while in your pocket, and all the cutt-outs for controls and cameras that your particular model needs. It feels great in the hand, offers a nice amount of grip, but also awesome protection and a practical stand.


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