12 October 2016

REVIEW: MeacoClean CA-HEPA 47x5 Air Purifier

Breath easy.

You don't need to tell us, but allergies are a total bitch. If it isn't hay fever in the spring and summer, it's dust allergies in the autumn and winter... and we're sick of it. We've heard it all, from eating local honey, to never opening windows, and from running a dehumidifier constantly, to making a small sacrifice to one of local heathen Gods, but nothing works – we're still sneezing all day long. That is, until now. We review the MeacoClean CA-HEPA 47x5 Air Purifier.

You might vacuum your carpets, scrub your counters, and polish your windows, but do you ever consider cleaning the air inside your home? We certainly never have (or any of the previous three, to be honest), but, according to Wikipedia, air is very important to humans, and should be a definite consideration when embarking upon your cleaning regimen.

The MeacoClean CA-HEPA 47x5 Air Purifier does just that, by taking in the air in a room into itself, running it through several filters, then blasting it back out again. Whereas a dehumidifier exacts water from the air, so an air purifier removes all the crap that could be exacerbating your allergies and making you feel rubbish all year round.

This particular model of purifier, which weighs in at an impressively compact 40 cm in height, is good for rooms of up to 78m³, which should be no bigger than most normal sized house rooms. Putting it in a room of about that size means the machine will clean and circulate the entire air capacity about three times an hour, whereas in a smaller room that increases, so the likes of dust and pollen that come in from doors and open windows will be caught faster. We suppose that if you stick it in a tiny broom cupboard, it will become to cleanest most allergen free room on earth. Or something.

Air is cleaned by being pulled through several different filters once it has been drawn into the MeacoClean CA-HEPA 47x5. First up, a pre-filter catches large particles like clumps of dust, before a True HEPA filter catches particles up to 0.3 microns (the stuff you can't see with your eyes). After that an Enhanced Active Charcoal Filter neutralises smells and bad odours, then a combined ultra-violet and titanium filter kills bacteria, germs and viruses. Finally, an ioniser helps to catch the last of the dust, before the clean air is blown back out into the room.

The only logical way we found of testing if the MeacoClean CA-HEPA 47x5 Air Purifier actually worked was to give it to the most allergy-stricken loser person we know. This guy is afflicted by a rather sever dust allergy, whereby most mornings he awakes to a sneezing fit. Either that, or he's just using it as an excuse not to do any dusting.

Set up in his room, which is about half way to the maximum size the device can handle, the benefits could be felt almost immediately. Remember, this thing is not only designed to remove stuff that makes you feel ill, but also for trapping stinks in that charcoal filter. Therefore it makes a room smell better for just being in it, even before any dust and pollen had been caught. On that note, our Guinea Pig's allergies were definitely lessened, and he could feel a real improvement to the air than ever before. In a room that size, we worked out that the total capacity of air was being cleaned seven times each and every hour. Pretty amazing.

The MeacoClean CA-HEPA 47x5 Air Purifier is small, light, easy to set up and operate, and cheap to maintain. Even for those of us who don't have allergies it made a vast improvement to the quality of the air in Test Pit Towers, and we're keen to see what benefits are reaped in the long term over winter. Check it, and the others in the range, out.


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