13 October 2016

NEWS: BMW's Tron-like concept motorbike requires no helmet

Pretty badass.

Set to celebrate their 100th birthday, German car maker BMW recently announced their latest concept vehicle, the Motorrad Vision Next 100; a self-balancing, smart electric motorcycle that they claim will let the driver ride without any safety equipment.

Seeming to draw quite a lot of inspiration from the light cycles in the Tron films, the bike can keep itself upright and uses sensors to predict potential collisions and accidents. BMW say this will mean that helmets and protective clothing will become a thing of the past. Mmm, okay guys.

One cool feature is the visor that the rider wears which displays the bike's vitals and all information like speed, distance and time. Surely they could've just put that into the visor of a kick ass helmet - such as the ones from Tron? Shit, that film was set inside a computer and they still wore helmets.

Still, looks cool. And that is all that matters, right?

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