18 October 2016

REVIEW: LEGO Star Wars Build Your Own Adventure book

Inspiring builds.

Ever suffered from 'builders block'? It happens to the best of us, leaving us short on inspiration when creating something cool from LEGO. Last month we reviewed DK Book's answer to a lack of brick-spiration with the Build Your Own Adventure City book, and now we check out the Star Wars edition.

This beefy hardback book from DK includes 69 LEGO parts to build a Microfighters-style Y-Wing space fighter. You also get a Rebel pilot minifigure, with the first few pages of the book given over to the instructions. Unlike the Brickmaster book we previously reviewed, the parts are intended to create just the one model, and the rest of the book has ideas to build things using your existing LEGO collection. So you need some LEGO already, ideally.

But anyway, the build itself. As far as we know, this is the only Y-Wing model in this scale, as LEGO has yet to release the craft in Microfighter form. That makes it pretty unique, and if you collect the Microfighter sets, this would make a worthy and rare inclusion.

The built itself took about 10 minutes, and the finished model is definitely a Y-Wing with the distinctive yellow paint job and big engine pods. The build is slightly more complex than the fire truck from the City book, and uses more interesting and complex building techniques. The Rebel pilot figure has been seen many times before and is nothing new, but the book actually names him – Zin – giving the character a backstory and adventure throughout the pages.

The story follows Zin as he visits the different planets of the Star Wars universe, prompting the builder to create scenes, buildings, and vehicles from those worlds. We'll be honest, just as with the City book, this can be a little frustrating, as the suggested builds look great, but require a whole bunch of specific bricks. Fortunately each page is designed to merely suggest what can be built, so we think you should only get a quick bit of inspiration then crack on your own stuff with the parts you have.

The suggestions really nail the likes of Imperial chic, Endor trees, and Tatooine pod racers. All the models and builds are fairly simple and basic, with each consisting of now more than 100 bricks or so, so even if you do have those parts (or similar ones) you'll be able to knock out many Star Wars-y creations quickly.

Great for both young Star Wars fans, and young LEGO fans, the LEGO Star War Build Your Own Adventure book from DK is a great and inspiring read with a highly collectable model as well.


Available from www.amazon.co.uk

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