19 October 2016

NEWS: Walkcar - the laptop-sized transporter

Why walk?

Beginning pre-orders on 21st October is Walkcar, the laptop-sized personal transporter from Cocoa Motors. About the size of a 13 inch laptop, it can power you along at 10mph for about an hour, while you lean to steer; much like the hoverboards that caused so much bother last year. Whereas those where huge heavy beasts (with a tendency to catch fire), this thing can fit in your bag.

The Walkcar weighs just 6.2lbs and has a carbon fibre body. It looks a hell of a lot of fun, so we can imagine it will be instantly banned in the UK. Still, those guys in Tokyo look like they're enjoying themselves, and in terms of the innovation on display here, we're really impressed. It will, however, set you back $1280US - quite a bit more than the ill-fated hoverboards.

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