3 October 2016

NEWS: Play games and text while skiing with RideOn AR Goggles

You'll be seeing things.

Augmented Reality might currently be taking the world by storm thanks to Pokemon Go!, but it seems that the technology's application could see you having fun on the ski slopes as well. RideOn AR Ski Goggles project images and information through the lens of a pretty standard looking pair of goggles to give you an augmented ski.

Check this out:

The makers say that all that information popping up before your eyes isn't at all distracting, and also that the RideOn is comfortable to wear for prolonged periods. The battery is good for six continuous hours, while the onboard 16GB of storage means that the built-in HD camera can capture up to three hours of footage. The system is based on Android, so there is a good chance you could somehow work Pokemon Go! onto there as well. Just saying.

RideOn has just smashed it's Indiegogo target, so to pre-order yours, go to: www.rideonvision.com

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