10 October 2016

NEWS: Meet Disney's Tigger-Bot

Piglet next, please?

We missed this when it broke last year, but apparently Disney are attempting to create robotic versions of their most beloved characters. Whether this is to interact with theme park visitors and put struggling young actors in costumes out of business, or just to blow the trillion billion squillion dollars they make every second with merchandise sales on something cool, we don't know. Regardless of that; meet this adorable bouncing robot:

Although it doesn't announce THIS WILL BE TIGGER ONE DAY, what other famous Disney character bounces around on something single like that? Mickey on a pogo stick? Nar, mate.

As cute as the robot is, it can only sustain 19 bounces on that one limb before toppling, so there is a long way to go before we get real-life Tiggers crushing our children's toes at Disney World. Still, it does highlight the fact that Disney has a damn Research Division like NASA! Christ...

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