24 August 2016

REVIEW: Lindy BNX-60 Noise Cancelling Headphones

Blocking out the world.

No matter how expensive your headphones are, or how well you jam them in or over your ears, there is still a good chance you'll end up distracted by external noise. If you want to hear your music as clearly as you can, while surrounded by the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you need a decent pair of noise-cancelling headphones. We've found some in the Lindy BNX-60.

These chunky on-ear cans looked fairly unimpressive when we first took them out of the box. Subtle and down-played doesn't really cover it, as there are no noticeable design flourishes or unique styling. But that is clearly not what Lindy was going for with these, as they don't stand out until you stick 'em on your head.

Charge up the onboard battery (Micro USB cable included to add to your growing collection), a process that will take about three hours, and connect the Bluetooth 4.0 to your phone. Pairing was as easy as it should ever be these days, and we were very happy to see that the Lindy BNX-60 use aptX audio processing to keep lag and Bluetooth delay to an absolute minimum. On the cans themselves you find control buttons, as well as the power/pair button, so having to control your music via your mobile device can also be kept to a minimum.

But here's the clever bit: hit that noise-cancelling switch on the other side and everything becomes strange. As if you've just dunked your head under water, all ambient sounds drop to barely audible levels. Every time we first put on a new pair of noise-cancelling headphones we get the same weird experience, and as the Lindy BNX-60 seem to work exceptionally well, it took a bit of getting used to. Although outside sounds aren't completely killed (we're pretty sure that would be impossible), the moment you hit the play button you'll be hard pressed to hear anything but your music. According to Lindy, who know all the number stuff, sound is reduced by 85%.

And the music sounded soooooo goooooood. Even without the noise-cancelling feature switched on (it doesn't have to be on all the time) the headphones reproduced some excellent quality sounds, particularly where the bass was concerned. Everything sound very crisp and clear, and as the cans and flexible headband are very well cushioned, they were comfortable to wear for extended periods.

And... CARRY CASE! Yes, good one Lindy! We can't tell you how much it annoys us when headphone makers release a large pair of 'phones without a carry case. This one is good, being light and made mostly from mesh to keep the Lindy BNX-60 safe in your bag.

These are excellent headphones with lots going for them. You have the option just to use them as very good Bluetooth headphones (or wired headphones, should you use the included stereo cable), just as a pair of sound-dampening cans when you need to concentrate, or as Lindy intended to make to it as easy as possible to hear each and every part of your favourite tune. Check them out.


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