24 August 2016

NEWS: Parrot's Disco Drone coming next month

This parrot don't need no crackers.

Although excitement built over Parrot's latest fixed-wing drone earlier in the year, the French company have now revealed that the Disco will be available to buy from September. The Disco is a technology-packed wing drone that can fly itself, and will retail for a whopping £1149!

Featuring a 14 megapixel camera up front, and GPS, gyroscope, accelerometer, and everything else you'd expect from a high-end drone, the Disco can hit speeds of up to 50mph and requires the user simply to throw it into the air to take off. As well as coming with a controller, the Disco will also ship with a headset which accommodates the user's smartphone to give a FPV experience.

It sounds pretty awesome, but £1149 for three feet of Styrofoam? Mmm...

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