21 August 2016

REVIEW: Braun Series 9 Shaver

Give your face the works.

We have an odd relationship with electric shavers. All of our number (especially the males) tend to enjoy a dalliance with one when we receive it to review, but quickly cast it aside in favour of scraggly beards and unkempt faces. We had yet to find a shaver that really encouraged us to keep at it every couple of days, until we tried the Braun Series 9 Shaver. Let's take a look.

To be clear, here we are reviewing the Series 9 9095cc Premium Shaver, as there are a couple of very similar models in Braun's Series 9 range. The unit comes with both a carry case (yes!) and also a charging and cleaning station which has really captured our interest, as well as being a fully waterproof shaver in itself. To us, that was the most important thing, as shaving while in the shower is a veritable delight. We'd show you pictures to prove it, but they would definitely be taken down.

First up, the shaver itself. Like all of Braun's more expensive male grooming products, the Series 9 9095cc feels like a quality product in the hand, possessing a reassuring weightiness and robustness. The chrome-effect plastic body matches the gleaming metal head perfectly, and the black rubberised grip on the rear means it will stay firmly in your paw even while wet through. There is a simple on/off switch on the front, and the foil head blades can be changed by pressing in the two side buttons on the top.

That shaving head uses what Braun call 'SyncroSonic Technology' which employs four different cutting areas, each doing a slightly different thing. This means that even thicker stubble can be tackled by the Series 9 Shaver, including three-day old beards. In the time we've had this to play with, one of our party has been testing that claim by only shaving with it every days, and each shave resulted in a clean and fresh baby face for him. Sonic micro vibrations are used to align all the hairs that grow in different directions, meaning it can lop them all off in one fell swoop. Feels pretty nice, too.

All four cutting sections are independently spring mounted, while the whole head itself can swing forwards and backwards. This makes for an exceptionally comfortable shave, and it's easy to get around your chin and jaw. There's also the classic must-have: a pop-up precision trimmer on the back, good for getting your sideburns or tash nice and straight.

Unlike the other Braun shavers we've reviewed in the past, the Series 9 Shaver comes with a special cleaning dock. The unit plugs into the wall and uses an alcohol-based solution to clean the head of the shaver, while also charging it up. You stick the 9095cc into it upside down, and with one quick press of the button the cleaning process begins. The cleaner takes special liquid-filled cartridges which slot into the base, with the shaver shipping with just the one. According to the manual, if used daily, these cartridges last for three weeks, so that is one thing to bear in mind if you're thinking about getting one of these.

That said, if you want to clean your shaver without using the base unit, a quick blast under the tap does a good job, and because it is fully waterproof you know you're not doing any damage. But using it after a cleaning cycle from the base unit feels a bit like you're shaving with a brand new shaver. We can only assume that every speck of hair and dirt is blasted from the cutting foils, keeping them sharper for much longer.

As we said to start with, we normally get a bit bored of electric shavers and ditch them in favour of just not shaving all that much. However, the Series 9 Shaver has turned us around, as using this every couple of days is a real pleasure. The shave itself is comfortable and quick, and the results are smooth and irritation free with very little redness, especially for those of us with sensitive skin.

The inclusion of the cleaning unit might've doubled the asking price compared to similar shavers (from both Braun and others) but we think it is really worth it. This is a one-stop-shop for shaving, one that will keep your gorgeous face smooth and clean for longer.


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