20 August 2016

NEWS: This beer tastes better... in VR

Beer-tual reality.

Think you know how beer should taste? Although all ales taste differently based on where and how they are made, Scottish brewery Innis & Gunn think their grog tastes a lot better when the drinker is standing in the middle of a Scottish glen. To help those of us who live nowhere near a Scottish glen to appreciate the "true" flavour, you can now try the company's beer in VR.

Using your smartphone, a VR headset (like Google cardboard, or any of these), and a YouTube video, you can taste the Innis & Gunn craft ales as they should be tasted; while in Scotland. Sit back with your beer in your hand, load up the video, and pop the headset on your noggin'. You'll be transported to wheat fields, glens, and gorgeous lochs without having to leave your armchair.

Innis & Gunn are pretty sure that this will enhance the flavour of the beverage, due to something called 'presence'. Our senses can be easily tricked into believing that we are actually somewhere else, based on what we can see and hear, while our brains are fully aware we're slumped in the living room with the dog watching us curiously. We're keen to give it a go, and also try it with other food and drink. Pasta in an Italian piazza, a burger in a 50s diner, and a KFC Family Bucket in a slaughter house? Mmm...

Find out more at innisandgunn.com

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