12 July 2016

REVIEW: Travel Juice Adaptor

Juice bar.

If you're travelling to foreign and exotic lands this summer, you'll no doubt be excited. You'll also no doubt be concerned about how you're going to charge your phone in those weird plug sockets they have abroad. And if you're travelling across the globe, will you need a different charger for each of the areas you go to? Nightmare! If you can't tweet regularly those 43 followers you've got will start jumping ship, right? What you need is the Travel Juice Adaptor.

This handy USB gadget charger from Juice is very much like the one (or several) you have at home to charge your phone and tablet. However, due to clever-doing on the part of the designers, the business end of the adaptor can be swapped out to one that matches the country you're in. This means you can use the same charger in the UK, mainland Europe, the USA (which is the same as Canada, Mexico and Japan, oddly), and Australia (which includes New Zealand) - in fact you can get some juice in over 150 countries.

The adaptor heads neatly and securely clip into place, and once in they don't budge without a good yank. And if you're thinking 'well, I'm only off to France for a two weeks, so I'll just buy a single Euro plug', the Travel Juice Adaptor has another thing over standard chargers as well. The main section of the adaptor features three USB ports, unlike the typical one, so you can charge your phone, tablet, and eReader at the same time from the same socket.

Portable power is really important, especially where staying in touch with fiends and relatives is concerned. The Travel Juice Adaptor is a versatile and handy little set to get, and should see you covered for many more years of travelling.


Available (from late July 2016) from juice.co.uk/ 

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