11 July 2016

NEWS: Mini Mobile Robotic Printer shipping soon

The pocket printer.

Say ‘pocket printer’ and you might be forced to imagine some pretty huge pockets. That’s because, even at their slimmest and lightest, printers are still big pieces of technology and are hardly portable, not even for the giant who owns those huge pockets. However, following a successful Kickstarter campaign and around 18 months of development, the Mini Mobile Robotic Printer will soon be in possession of backers.

The printer itself is a marvel to behold; a small robotic device that slowly ‘drives’ over a sheet of paper, any size, while printing text and pictures. Controlled by a smartphone app, the Mini Mobile Robotic Printer can be placed on any flat surface and ordered to print something. This means no more searching around for a printer (one you can connect to) when you need to print something, as you can simply whip out the bot, set it down on a sheet of A4, and set it going.

From what developers ZUtA Labs say, the final product should be ready by December. Find out more at www.zutalabs.com

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