29 July 2016

REVIEW: Thermos Camping Essentials

Flask! Aha! Saviour of the universe...

As we found when we recently went camping, it isn't good enough to take just an awesome tent and an arctic sleeping bag; you're also going to need some food. But if you are pitching your tent in the middle of nowhere, where there definitely isn't a Tesco Extra down the road, you'll need to take you grub and drinks with you. To that end, Thermos furnished us with an great selection of their products. Here's what we thought.

Obviously, these aren't just useful during a summer camping trip, and especially the hot drinks flasks will see you warm and refreshed throughout the winter, but we've decided to take the summer adventure angle. You know, because it's summer and that. Here's what we took with us on our recent camping trip (and what really saved the day, food wise):

Thermos Stainless King Flask Red 470ml
Pretty much the product Thermos are best known for, this standard size insulated flask is perfect for carrying about a couple of cups of coffee or tea. Hot things are kept hot for 12 hours, while cold things are kept cold for up to an entire day. Obviously the top unscrews to act like a little cup, and the inner cap can be twisted open to act like a pouring spout – so no sudden gushes of hot coffee over your lap. We used ours to transport coffee, brewing it up at 7am, but not drinking it until after dinner while at the camp site, some 11 hours later. Yep, still roasting hot.


Thermos Stainless King Food Flask Red 470ml
Appearing like a squatter version of it's drinks carrying brother, the King Food Flask is, as you've guessed, designed for food, not liquids. Just like the one above, the top comes off, this time to act like a little bowl, while attached to the inner lid is a very nice folding spoon. It can keep hot things hot (like soup, which is what we had in it – purely to test it, we weren't seriously eating soup for dinner on the hottest day of the year!) for up to seven hours, and cold things cold for up to nine.


Thermos Dual Compartment Food Flask 1.1L
Possibly the most innovative of all the products here, the Dual Compartment Food Flask features two separate sections which are accessed by opening up the whole thing like a split coconut. One side is clear plastic, while the other is insulated stainless steel (on the cap for which you'll also find a foldable spork! Yes, a spork! The greatest bit of cutlery ever designed). Hot things will stay that way for seven hours in there, while cold things will remain chilly for up to 22. We love how the whole thing rotates around the carry handle, so you can spin it around to open it how you want. It's neat.


Thermos Intak Hydration Bottle with Meter 710ml
You're going need some water on your trip, and this water bottle is the bee's knees. Not only does it feature a pop-open lid (which can also be locked into place), BPA-free plastic, and a carry loop, but it also has a handy rotating dial to let you monitor how much of the wet stuff you're drinking, to make sure you get enough. It's light, easy to grip, and robust – perfect for a camping trip.


Thermos Radiance 36 Can Cooler
And, of course, if you plan on taking a bunch of other stuff with you on your trip, as well as all the flasks above, you need a decent cooler. This soft, collapsible cooler bag from Thermos is awesome, as not only is there room in there for 36 cans (you booze fiend, you), but there is also a quick-access lid that seals with Velcro, as well as the main zip-closing opening. There is a shoulder strap and also external pockets for other bits and bobs. Looks good to, eh?


Find all of these, as well as more, at www.thermos.co.uk

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