29 July 2016

NEWS: Windows 10 doomsday is upon us - upgrade today!

Bet you regret putting it off now.

Microsoft have been warning us for a year now, but 29th July is finally here - the last day you can upgrade to Windows 10 for free. If those little pop-ups at the right of your screen have always been clicked away with a dismissive 'I'll do it later', you really need to do it today. Like now.

From tomorrow an upgrade to Windows 10 will set you back £99 ($119), while Windows 10 Pro will be £130. When we first upgraded last year we tweeted a bit about really liking the new interface and tidied up desktop organisation (and the riddance of that stupid Windows 8 start screen nobody used), so it really is worth it, if you use Windows.

Upgrading doesn't take too long, and the download happens in the background while you continue working. So if you get the chance today, do so - and you'll even get the free anniversary update Microsoft are rolling out next week.

To upgrade, find the Windows icon in your right-side status bar, or go here: www.microsoft.com  

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