3 July 2016

REVIEW: Groov-e Fusion Headphones

Groov-e baby!

With rumours flying around that the next iPhone might not possess a headphone port, are more and more people investing in Bluetooth and other wireless headphones? Maybe, and although Apple rumours should always be taken with a healthy pinch of salt, wireless headphones are always a great choice regardless of the model of your phone. BUT... what if you want a pair of 'phones that will work with just about anything, Bluetooth connectivity or not? Easy, get the Groov-e Fusion Headphones.

You headline here is that the Groov-e Fusion Headphones are first and foremost a pair of Bluetooth cans but which also boast a traditional stereo jack and cable. That means you can use them wirelessly on modern devices like your phone and tablet, and also wired up to some older music gear (which Groov-e also make, and which we reviewed here).

The headphones themselves come in either black, gold, or – the pair we were sent – silver. They are on-ear headphones, so we were glad to see there is good amount of padding on both the cans and on the underside of the head band. The band itself is plenty flexible to get it over even the biggest of noggins, while also not squeezing the brains out of them. The cans can twist and fold inwards, so the whole thing can be stored and carried around quite flat.

Getting them paired to a Bluetooth device was a doddle, and as well as the main power button which can also be used to play and pause songs, the left-side can features volume controls and also the ability to skip tracks. You'll also find there your Micro USB charging port, the cable port for wired connections, and a microphone. Get a call while listening to music on your phone and you'll be able to answer it, and thankfully the other person will be able to hear you very clearly.

So they definitely work, which is nice. Now onto the meat: how did they perform? Good, for sure. The 40mm drivers did very well, both via BT and the included stereo cable. Highs and lows sound true and realistic, while the real stand-out feature was the bass. The Groov-e Fusion Headphones pump out a deep and resonating bass which seems to far outreach what you would expect from headphones of this price. Vocals also sounded very crisp, and as well as music, podcasts and audio books were also reproduced very well.

So a level of audio quality you might not expect, coupled with a comfortable wear and a battery life of over ten hours (longer, if you use the cable for a bit), the Groov-e Fusion Headphones are a 'sound' bit of kit. Ha.


Available from www.amazon.co.uk

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