2 July 2016

NEWS: New Citroen C3 comes with selfie cam

C3, see thee.

Taking selfies while at the wheel of the your car is just plain dangerous; no matter how adorable you or your kids look in the back. Fortunately French car maker Citroen have realised this, and solved the issue with the new C3 ConnectedCam.

Embedded within the rear-view mirror, the camera features a 120 degree field of view and be used to snap pictures of you and your passengers with a simple voice command. If you think that sounds pretty pointless, the cam can also be used in an emergency, as it will automatically start recording footage the moment an accident is detected. And, as the cam camera is connected to the internet, you can access it form your phone to see who is in your car, and also to see where you parked should you get a bit lost.

The new Citroen C3 will be available in the UK sometime in 2017.

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