7 July 2016

REVIEW: Aldi Outdoor Sports Specialbuy Range

The Great Outdoors.

Ah, yes... a warm breeze in your hair, soft sand at your feet, and your best friend standing next to you shouting “Let's kayak!” That's what summer is all about, right? If you are nodding along with us right now, but also sorrowfully checking your bank account to see if that remaining £4.84 has acquired any interest since you last looked, you might be feeling a pang of sadness. Fret not, fellow poor person, as Aldi's new Specialbuy range of outdoor adventure stuff is both awesome and delightfully cheap.

In stores and online right now, the Outdoor Sports Specialbuy range features a smorgasbord of items as varied as toys and things for the kids, and wetsuits and body boards for the grown-ups. Available only while stocks lasts (so be quick, eh?), the selection includes... an eight foot Trampoline (£67.99), a ten foot Quick Up Pool (£29.99), a Rainbow Ring Play Centre (£29.99), a 3-in-1 Swingball set (£24.99), a Soft Archery Set (£19.99), a Bodyboard (£9.99), different sizes of wet suits, including full (£24.99), medium and large 'shorty' styles (£19.99), children’s full length (£12.99), and children’s short length (£9.99), a Team GB Mini Tennis Set (£24.99), a badminton set with pop-up net (£19.99), and a whopping great inflatable kayak (£39.99)! Guess which of those we were sent.

The kayak is bloody awesome. Obviously when presented with a list like that above, and given the choice of what you'd like to play with, you'd always opt for the inflatable boat – just so you have one around the house in case of flooding (and we are based in York, so it makes sense).

Measuring more than three metres in length when inflated, the boat includes a paddle (to stop you getting stuck up a certain creek) and also some very handy sealed storage bays to keep your precious items dry. It is strong enough to hold two adults (or 160kg), and only weighs 7kg itself, making it light enough to lug around to get to the water's edge. Or indeed to a party so your kids can play at pirates. Up to you. Should the kiddos take the pirate thing literally and start buckling their swashes a little too fiercely, the kayak also comes with a repair kit. Phew.

Check it out, along with all the rest, at www.aldi.co.uk 

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