2 June 2016

NEWS: Zenbo - the robot that costs the same as a phone

Introducing your new best friend.

Taiwanese tech company ASUS (whose tablets we've previously reviewed) have recently announced their latest innovation; a home assistant to rival Amazon's Echo and Google's Home. Unlike those other home assistants, which listen to your questions while standing perfectly still, ASUS's Zenbo can wheel itself around your home and, well... just look at his little face!

Zenbo has been designed to not only connect with the Internet of Things technology ("Oi, Zenbo! Turn on the living room lights, will ya mate?") but also act as a security and safety monitor. Not only will he drive around guarding your house while you're away, but could also help older people who may be prone to forgetfulness or falls.

There is a camera in his head (which is also a touch screen) so you can see you and also film you for the likes of video calls. But, as well as looking an awful lot like the Serge robot from Caprica, the most remarkable thing here is the price. Zenbo is set to go on sale for just $599 (£410), making him exceptionally affordable.

Find out more at https://zenbo.asus.com/ 

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