1 June 2016

NEWS: LEGO are 'expecting' a new minifigure design

Oh, baby.

Several thousand LEGO Minifigures have passed through Test Pit Towers over the years, and baring the odd weird ones like Angry Birds and Star Wars Droids, they've all used the same body type. Announced as included in their forthcoming 
City #60134 Fun in the Park set, introducing the first ever (proper) LEGO baby.

The figure is an actual Minifigure with typical points of articulation, but far smaller than any other figure, while remaining in scale. Prior to this release, LEGO family fans had to use either a short-legged figure (think Bildo Baggins and Bart Simpson) or one of the feature-less statue parts, often used for representations of Oscars and other awards. Or, you know, a huge Duplo baby.

Having a new figure body type also opens the door for other media tie-ins as it could be used for characters other than babies. Think little elf or nymph people, or even small-bodied alien races.

If you're a fan of LEGO this news is pretty cool. If not, then there probably isn't much you give less of a shit about. You're welcome. 

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