24 May 2016

REVIEW: Kitvision Chronos Time Lapse Mount

Time flies...

Action cams are great at capturing the fastest of action and being right there in the middle of everything as it kicks off. But, because they are so small and versatile, they can also capture the slowest of action too. Most cameras have a time lapse mode, and although speeded up static footage can be interesting, giving it some steady mind-bending motion can make it stunning. We've found such an accessory in the Kitvision Chronos Time Lapse Mount.

A what? Stick your camera onto this, give it a full twist, and it will sloooooooowly rotate through the full 360 degrees over an hour while your camera snaps the action. Made completely from metal, the Kitvision Chronos Time Lapse Mount is fully mechanical, so there are no batteries to charge or complicated set-up procedures to follow; you simply twist it to the desired amount of time as you would an egg timer.

There is a standard tripod screw on top (and in fact it comes with an included action cam mount), and also a screw port on the underside, allowing you to affix it to a tripod or GorillaPod. Using our current go-to action cam, the Olfi Cam, we captured a few shots like these:

Pretty nice, eh? You can't manually adjust the speed at which the Kitvision Chronos Time Lapse Mount rotates, but due to its teeny tiny size and light weight, it can be set at just about any angle on a tripod or mount. This means that you could also capture slow rises or dips; all you need are the right kind of mounts for your camera. Oh, and if you think you need an action cam or DSLR to take advantage of time lapse tools like this, you could also attach your smartphone if you had something like the Manfrotto TwistGrip.

So a great deal of fun, and a very simple and practical solution to adding motion to your time lapses. No camera kit should be without it.


Available from www.amazon.co.uk

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