25 May 2016

NEWS: Brian May launches his own VR viewer

Put this on your face.

Lead guitarist of Queen (and astrophysicist, mind) Brian May has released his own VR viewer for smartphones, the Owl. Unlike many other virtual reality app viewers, the Owl is designed to accommodate all kinds of phones, while allowing users to physically access controls on the screen.

The design is actually based on a Victorian stereoscopy device, whereby people could view photos in 3D for the first time. At the product's launch, in which people were treated to special VR Bohemian Rhapsody video, May said: 

"The reason I created the Owl was to recreate Victorian stereoscopy. People get fatigued very quickly with VR devices, they get frustrated that they can't reach their phone to get to their controls and they get sweaty with the eyepieces so I quickly realised that, in some ways, this was a better way of viewing virtual reality. The great thing is that any smartphone will work in Owl. Most devices on the market only accept certain types of smartphone, so this is unique."

The Owl will cost £25 and be available from http://www.londonstereo.com/lsc_shop.html from the end of May. Appropriately.

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