5 May 2016

REVIEW: Blue Lola Headphones

Lola. Lo lo lo lo-Lola!

Better known for making quality microphones (like these), Blue also make some awesome headphones. Widening their range of cans, Blue have recently released this new set, designed for true audiophiles, with a similar look of their existing pair, the Mo-Fi. We test the Blue Lola Headphones.

Check out out the above link to our Mo-Fi review and you'll see just how much they impressed us, even making it to our Top 5 of 2014 feature. Now the Lola have landed, looking... well, just the same, but weighing in with a (slightly) reduced cost. So what's the difference, eh?

Well, the first thing you'll notice about the Lola, when comparing it the Mo-Fi that is, is the lack of the physical amplifier switch on the left can. To be honest, we weren't all that fussed about it as a feature on the Mo-Fi, as the headphones worked just as well (for modern, digital uses, that is) without it. It seems that the Lola might be a pair of headphones designed specifically for the more mobile, and – potentially – less snobby audio fan. We say that because the Lola sound just as loud and as clear as the Mo-Fi with the amp switched to 'On+' position.

From what we remember of the fit of the Mo-Fi (as they had to go back to Blue, unfortunately. Boo!), that seems to have been replicated on the Lola. As far as we can tell the shape of the cans, cushions, and flexible head strap are all the same. But why change what was already perfect? Sure, they look weird, but the fit is as comfortable as over-ear headphones can ever get, and because your ears are completely enveloped by the cans, you can wear these for hours on end and not get squashed-brain headphone syndrome. Which is a real thing, seriously.

The Blue Lola boast 50mm drivers, and boy can you tell. Every last drop of sound and noise is squeezed out of them, and ambient sounds are cut to almost non-existent levels due to the seal of the cushions. They aren't, but the Lola almost felt like noise-cancelling headphones because of it. Blue products are never cheap, but the quality and consistency of the sound was more like that from headphones twice the price of these.

Everything sounds... ('good' is insufficient here...) luxurious. Even when listening to music on low-end devices such as budget tablets, it still sounds great and makes you want to tinker with the levels to experiment with what you can hear. There is so much depth to the sound through the Lola that you find yourself listening to the 'other' parts of the track; lesser instruments and backing vocals, for example.

Although the Lola come with a carry pouch and fold up relatively tightly, these feel more like home-phones; ones you'll use at night to unwind with you favourite tracks, or connect up to your games console to hear every footstep the enemy soldier makes as he creeps up behind you. Whatever you'll be using the Blue Lola for, you'll quickly be calling them your go-to favourites.


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