5 May 2016

NEWS: Google wants to put things inside your eyeballs

Like Google Glass. But INSIDE YOU!!!

Google, the small Californian Start-up that apparently helps people find exactly the right kind of porn they want to watch, has recently applied for a very strange patent. Described as an "inter-ocular device" it seems that Google are planning  to developed technologies that go inside of our bodies; in this instance, the eye.

Think the ill-fated Google Glass but without the need to wear a headset. Instead an implant will potentially be placed inside of your eye ball, helping to correct your vision (should you need it correcting) and also displaying information, we assume from a connected mobile device like your smartphone. So yes, a way to to 'see' info that appears as if by magic. But think on this...

Google like adverts. If they can then collect the data that we see everyday, they would be able to target specific ads directly at us, INTO OUR BRAINS. Adverts could then pop up not just when we search the internet, but also while eating breakfast, while at your uncle's funeral, and also - maybe - while you sleep. Yep, this is creepy.

Of course this might never come to anything, as tech giants are always patenting things early to beat the competition. Still, if it does, and you opt to have one implanted, from then privacy might be something that happens to other people...

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