13 May 2016

NEWS: Sign up for London's robot cars

It's a Johnny Cab!

Like the taxis in Total Recall? You got that, right? Anyway, if you fancy being one of the first people to try a fully automated public transport sustyem, the Transport Reasearch Laboratory is awaiting your email. Their driver-less pods will begin trials in and around Greenwich later in the year, as part of the £8 million GATEway project.

The pods will apparently operate quite like the Johnny Cabs in the Arnie flick, with the exception of the mental animatronic driver torso ("Helluva day, ain't it?"). Those who do sign up and start using the pods will then be asked to give feedback on the how the service can be improved. Lets hope that feedback isn't "I would have preferred not to die," or "can I have my severed limbs back from the bottom of the Thames?"

Still, it's pretty exciting that an automated transport system is ready to roll, and in the UK to boot! We'll give it a miss, though. At least until we're certain those pods aren't actually chubby Terminators waiting to kill us all.

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