14 May 2016

NEWS: Are mornings a struggle? Try this...

Wake up next to Joe.

The dreaded alarm clock; piercing it's siren call through your soul first thing every morning, tearing you from your restful slumber, and miffing you totally off, yeah? Well how about an alarm clock that woke you up... with a freshly made cup of real coffee? That's the genius behind the Barisieur Coffee Alarm Clock.

Created as a prototype by British designer Josh Renouf, the Barisieur allows you to set an alarm like any other alarm clock. However, as well as fiddling with knobs to select your wake-up time, you must also add coffee grounds and water. Once the alarm sounds the water reservoir is gently induction heated via stainless steel ball bearings, which then forces the water up the spout, to cascade over you gronds, pour-over style.

Sounds like morning bliss, and there are even little drawers on the side for your sugar and grounds to be kept handy. BUT... it currently isn't for sale. According to Josh's website the Barisieur is in the process of coming to market (with a predicted price tag of around £200-250), so to state your interest, go here.

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