18 May 2016

FEATURE: Just In Case #2

New homes for iPhones.

This time last year we covered a bunch of new phone cases in a special, summer-driven feature. Now we're back again with a tonne of new ways to protect your pride-and-joy, in a feature aimed squarely at the iPhone 6/6S. If you have one, and if you're worried you'll definitely drop it this summer (you dolt), read the following VERY carefully. Then buy them all. Seriously.

Wavewall Anti-Radiation Cases

First up, we look at something that will not only keep your iPhone safe, but could keep you safe as well... especially if you're a bloke. You see, the electromagnetic radiation given off by a smartphone can be damaging to a man's fertility, effecting sperm mobility. And so, Wavewall has produced a range of cases using a special anti-radiation fabric which blocks most of that potentially harmful radiation. Our sperm says thank you.

The range of cases are pretty neat, incorporating an executive look with lined leather and subtle colours. We were sent both a classic flip case (with Wavewall suggesting you close the flip, even when taking on the phone) and also a classic slide wallet with pull-up strap to free your iPhone. Both were well made, looked great, offered protection against scratches and light bumps (but nothing too full-on, mind), and gave a great deal of peace of mind. You know, for making babies and that.

Flip case £29.99
Slide wallet £24.99

Gear4 Black IceBox Tone

Whereas the Wavewall products were all about your balls, this effort from Gear4 is all about the falls! Sleek, elegant, and hardly there at all (the case we were sent was completely transparent) the Gear4 Black iPhone cases use the military standard D3O impact protection. This means that this innocent looking case can save your device from falls of up to a whopping nine feet. That's Middle Earth troll height.

D3O is a very unique application of a Non-Newtonian substance, which although feels soft and pliable to the touch, will suddenly lock firm when a sudden impact jars it, before returning to it's normal shape. Because of this the IceBox Tone is surprisingly thin, so not a lot of extra bulk is added to your hand. We love the science behind the protection, as well as the see-through styles which really let your phone show itself off.


Fonesalesman iQi PWRcase

For the juice-hungry phone users, this case is perfect. Not only does the iQi PWRcase feature a built-in 1550mAh battery, chargeable when you normally charge up your iPhone, it also enables your phone to be wirelessly charged. Nice combo.

Compatible with any Qi wireless charging pad or accessory (Fonesalesman do their own range), the iQi PWRcase slips on quick and, despite those useful features, doesn't add to much extra bulk. Clearly the design emphasis has been on power supply, but the case itself still seems to offer a good deal of protection, being made from a tough-feeling rubberised plastic. But the real joy was testing the case in conjunction with Fonesalesman's WoodPuck Bamboo Edition charging pad. Yep, we were charging our phones... on wood! It looks great, and the novelty sure didn't wear off.

iQi PWRcase £38
WoodPuck Bamboo Edition £40

X-Doria Defense H2O

If you're planning some wet adventures this summer, this could be the case to keep your iPhone safe. The Defense H2O from X-Doria is an all-in-one phone enclosure, protecting against falls (from heights of up to two metres) and water submersion (down to depths of two metres – for two hours!), all while looking pretty nifty, if you ask us.

Despite the level of all-round protection the case offers, it is a breeze to install utilising a simple clip-on action. Your iPhone will also be saved from dust and dirt ingress, while the slight lip around the outside edge of the screen will protect against scratches and smudges. You also still get access to all your buttons on the side of the phone too, which is nice. It may be a lot to fork out for, but its also damn good looking as well. Just sayin'.


Tech21 Evo Endurance

Speaking of forking out a lot, introducing the Evo Endurance from Tech21. This is a another battery case like the iQi model, but the technology used here is pretty interesting. Safety has been the paramount concern in developing this case and so a unique lithium ceramic battery has been installed, cutting the chance of leaks and heat build-up, while ensuring the user's safety by not using any flammable components.

The case itself adds a chunky wedge to the rear and base of your iPhone, but not too much so it becomes uncomfortable to hold. As the Evo Endurance adds a couple of centimetres to the bottom of the phone (therefore deepening the headphone jack port) Tech 21 kindly include a jack adaptor so you can still use headphones with the 'bent neck' connectors.

In use the additional battery provides about 60% of the iPhones regular charge, which is quite a boost considering the relative small size of the case. And you're not just paying for a bigger battery either, as the case also provides protection against drops as high as two metres. And hey, at least you know that if you do drop it, that big extra battery won't explode! Yay!


BONUS: Adidas Originals iPhone SE Case

We know we said we're focussing on the 6 and 6S, but we just had to include this cute little number for the new (and decidedly cute itself) iPhone SE. The Adidas Originals case is by far the simplest on this short list, but it is also the most tactile. More a shell than a case, it is made from soft rubber which has been wrapped in very thin, very delicate to the touch, PU leather. This gives the case a velvety feel; one that is exceptionally pleasing to hold in the hand. If you've recently got yourself Apple's new pint-sized phone (which we spoke about a bit, here), this should be a definite contender for the honour of being wrapped around it.


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