6 April 2016

REVIEW: MEGA Bloks SpongeBob SquarePants Krusty Krab Attack

Getting Krabby.

Check out the title of this post: if you're under 12, or if you're a 34 year old man-child, you're definitely excited right now. Back in MEGA Bloks territory, today we're exploring another of the company's film and TV licenses... SpongeBob SquarePants! We build the Krusty Krab Attack!

The set contains 407 parts, took us about an hour to complete, and also comes with six (kinda) figures. It is basically a scaled-down version of the Krusty Krab, SpongeBob's treasured place of work, which can open up to reveal a play set environment. First, the figures...

Fans of the show will absolutely love these little guys. You get (L to R) Mr Krabbs, SpongeBob himself, and Squidward. All are uniquely shaped (unlike the micro action figures of the Halo and Call of Duty ranges) and are well articulated.

Stuff of nightmares... Here we've broken down SpongeBob to show the number parts and points of articulation. As well as allowing these figures to be posed up in a number of positions, the system also lets you swap parts out to change the characters' appearance; new eyes, shorts, shoes etc...

Included also are the three 'kinda' figures (L to R), the spatularbot, Plankton with robot burger legs (awesome!) and a robot SpongeBob. The Plankton figure is a single part which sits atop the robot legs, while both the robots need to be built. If our childish memories serve, this scene is from an episode when Plankton tries to steal the coveted Krabby Patty recipe with a robotic replacement of SpongeBob. Or something.

The structure itself looks great while closed up, and actually captures the look of the sub-aquatic restaurant quite well (albeit on a much reduced scale than the 'real' version). Those flags along the roof are in fact stickers on single tile pieces, as is the large Krusty Krabb sign.

The front section swings open to create a much more spacious play area. Once more, large stickers are used over single parts to make the two blue doors.

When you first open the set up, Squidward's little cash register boat is folded up and needs to be lowered...

...but once done, you can pop Squids in there, looking enthusiastic as ever, and position SpongeBob behind him in the 'kitchen'.

Round the back we have SpongeBob's fry station, complete with grill and four well-designed and simple Krabby Patties. Place one on the grill panel, hit the red lever, and the burger will launch through the serving gap, right over Squidward's head.

Next to that there is also what we take to be a plate launcher. Flick the back, and white disks fly out, again right by poor old Squidward. We think these are supposed to be plates, unless they are some kind of weird white pizza we've never seen before.

We love the detailed stickers over the kitchen area, informing patrons how much their grub will be today. We can easily imagine Mr Krab climbing up there to add a few extra zeros. What we don't love is that these stickers go over multiple bricks, meaning if you want to dissemble your Krusty Krab to make something else, you're probably to tear them or ruin them. Boo.

The main sign is pretty cool as it captures the huge clam-shell quite well. It can also close up, and thanks to a bit of clever brick work at the base, can tumble down as well.

There is a lot going on with this set, and in terms of value for money and playability it is probably one of the best we've yet seen from MEGA Bloks. A decently time-consuming build, coupled with a very open-ended play set, makes for a great addition to any play room.

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