7 April 2016

NEWS: Why wouldn't you put a chainsaw on a drone?

Chop chop!

We're no strangers to experimenting with mounting things to drones, but usually it goes only as far as a camera. Two Finnish men decided that simply using their drone to snap aerial photography wasn't enough, and instead took us one step closer to Judgement Day.

This DJI S1000 has been outfitted with a full-sized, petrol-powered chainsaw, controlled by a servo arm usually employed to alter the angle of a camera. With it, they rain down terror upon a snow-laden Finnish farm, slicing icicles and decapitating snowman.

As well as being one of the most entertaining things we've seen in a while, it is also one of the most terrifying. Sure, this time the killer drone was being operated by what we assume to be an amicable Finn, but one day the flying machine could go self-aware and start confusing snowmen with real people. White people, we assume.

Oh no... we're white! We knew it would come back and bite us in the arse one day!

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