18 April 2016

REVIEW: Lavazza A Moda Mio Fantasia Ice White

Ice coffee time again...

Regular readers of this gorgeous and exceptionally well-researched website will know that we of Test Pit Towers are huge coffee fans. In fact, about 80% of the site's content is created while we're completely off our tits on caffeine, be it first thing in the morning or last thing at night (or in the middle of the afternoon at a funeral, inappropriately). Therefore we're mad keen to see the latest in coffee-making innovations as soon as they hit the shelves. Or not, in this case.

We've actually already reviewed the Lavazza A Moda Mio Fantasia coffee machine last year (here is the full review), but since then there has been several changes, both to the machine and to the weather. Read the previous review and you'll learn just how much we loved this machine the first time around, especially the Steam & Motion system which produced the best foamed and steamed milk of any coffee machine we've ever tested.

But one thing we didn't detail in last year's review was just how well that same steamer system could make cold coffee drinks; something we're suddenly in a mood for now that the weather is hotting up for the summer. Lavazza very kindly sent us another of the A Moda Mio Fantasia machines, but this time in the new styling of ice white. Appropriately.

Obviously this is a pod machine, taking the small Lavazza coffee pods instead of conventional ground coffee. One thing we didn't know about Lavazza's pods is that although they are smaller than other coffee companies' pods, they actually contain more coffee; seven to nine grams of 100% Arabica, as opposed to a fairly standard five grams across the board. This makes them perfect for combing with milky drinks like cappuccinos and lattes as the milk (or soya, or coconut milk, vegans) doesn't overpower the coffee taste.

That's one thing we've previously found with iced coffees; they tend to taste like cold milk and nowt much else. But by holding down one of the Lavazza A Moda Mio Fantasia's milk buttons for three seconds, it will foam and not steam, keeping the milk cold. Then simply pour it into a tall glass, whack it under the espresso spout, and squirt out the coffee. Using the system without the steamer is also a great way to blend your cold drinks, so sugar and even crushed ice can be added as well, before the foaming process begins.

On an aesthetic note, the new ice white Lavazza A Moda Mio Fantasia looks like the mutt's nuts. The machine is glorious in white, with the embossed aluminium side panels, the touch screen controls up front, and – unlike a new car – the white colour actually helps to hide the mess (because milk is white, innit?).

So the Lavazza A Moda Mio Fantasia is definitely one to consider as your minds turn to some cool refreshment this spring and summer. And at 3am when you're up super early to catch a holiday flight.


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