18 April 2016

NEWS: Print your own Centriphone

Off to the swingers club.

By now many of you might have seen the video of Swiss freeskier Nicolas Vuignier racing down the side of a snowy mountain while swinging his iPhone around his head. If you haven't, here it is:

The device used to keep the phone straight and true while Nicolas swung it, the Centriphone, is now available to pre-order, coming in models to fit both the iPhone and a GoPro action Cam. However, what has got us really excited, is that Nicolas has put the designs for the Centriphone online for anyone to download and 3D print themselves.

Visit http://www.centriphone.me to download the 3D files, which can then be printed on a 3D printer directly, or be manipulated to change certain aspects to fit different phones and cameras... which we're going to have a crack at. We can't promise footage as stunning at that seen above, but if you're looking for chubby guys leaping off curbs and rubbish bins in glorious bullet-time photography, you're in a for a forthcoming treat, our friends.

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