9 April 2016

REVIEW: Jabra Sport Coach

Coach trip.

If you've ever considered hiring a personal trainer, you might have been put off by A: the price, and B: the fact that a toned sporty person will be yelling at you to get out of bed. No thanks. So instead of forking out for human help, why not turn to our dear robotic friends to assist you in losing all that Christmas weight (that you acquired seven Christmases ago)? To that end we review the Jabra Sport CoachWireless Earbuds.

The Sport Coach (like the previously reviewed Sport Pulse) are Bluetooth earbud headphones designed for use during work-outs and exercise. However, instead of just pumping your favourite tunes wirelessly into your brain, the Sport Coach have quite a few tricks up their sleeves. If headphones had sleeves. You know what we mean...

Working in conjunction with Jabra's Sport Life app (available for iOS and Android) you can select from a list of 40 preinstalled work-out routines. Then, once the earbuds are connected to your smartphone via NFC-enabled Bluetooth, you will receive voice commands and encouragement to help you through the work-out, all while you enjoy your music.

At first we assumed this would be exceptionally distracting and also pretty annoying; especially if you run or work-out in time to whatever music track you've selected. However, vocal commands are few and far between, and they are are always short and to the point. They also interrupt the track in the least annoying way possible, dipping in subtly, and then letting the music build back at speed.

And if you were wondering how the app can tell if you're actually doing all the things it is telling you to do (instead of just sitting on the bus on the way to Starbucks), it's thanks to another unique feature of the Jabra Sport Coach. The earbuds themselves contain the TrackFit Motion Sensor, which can keep tabs on your movement, steps, distance travelled, calories burnt and cadence for cyclists. They're like have an activity tracker... in your ears. Awesome.

So although all this might be excellent news for fit fans and exercise-y people, what about those of us who might be buying these purely for the music? The Jabra Sport Coach performed really well in all our tests, taking them outdoors for a run (they are waterproof, thankfully), and listening to tracks while lounging around the house. The Dolby sound enhancement makes everything sound rich and deep, and although we were slightly more enamoured with the aforementioned Sport Pulse in terms of overall sound quality, these are still very impressive, and damn comfortable over long periods of time, to boot.

So although they lack the heart-rate monitor of the Pulse, the Jabra Sport Coach are innovative headphones that are perfect for people who want to ditch that outdated activity tracker once and for all.


Available from www.amazon.co.uk

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