10 April 2016

NEWS: Apple's next keyboard might not have any keys

Keys? Where we're goin' we don't need... keys.

Recently released details from the US Patent Office show that last September Apple filed for a new patent, one involving a key-less keyboard. The touch-sensitive keyboard will, apparently, use a brand new kind of technology whereby by only the keys and controls you actually need at any given time will appear. Force-sensitive virtual keys will employ haptic feedback to help guide your fingers, and once you're done typing - blink - the keys have gone.

Obviously this is pretty great news as it means that the next generation of MacBooks could be even thinner (no more chunky keys, springs, and switches), but it is also important news in terms of customisation. Gamers could have only the control keys they need to pop up, and have them spaced exactly how they need them, while film editors could display only the buttons they need to cut their footage. 

Of course this new keyboard might not be ready in time for the next wave of Apple laptops (or indeed ever) but it certainly does fire the imagination - something Apple hasn't done in quite a while.

Ooo... Apple burn!

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