26 March 2016

REVIEW: Kitvision Bluetooth Pocket Selfie Stick

Even your pockets are sexy.

We all know that you're gorgeous. Thanks to your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube accounts we've all seen just how beautiful your face is... many, many times. We probably don't need to tell you want a selfie sick is, as we haven't seen your extended arm reaching out of frame in any of your recently posted pics. Nor do we need to explain the usefulness of a wireless Bluetooth selfie stick; you're clearly a selfie pro.

But what we do need to enthuse about is Kitvision's Bluetooth Pocket Selfie Stick, not just because it will allow you to snap photos of that money-winning smile of yours, but rather due to the addition of the word 'pocket'. The Kitvision Bluetooth Pocket Selfie Stick is a selfie stick that uses Bluetooth to connect to your phone, and which can also fold up to fit into your pocket. Even a small one.

Folded up, the stick is just 13cm in length and exceptionally thin, even at the clamp end. The spring-loaded grippy clamp can accommodate large screened phones, and can be tightened to your desired angle at the end of the 70cm telescopic pole. You charge it via the Micro USB port on the handle, connect super fast with Bluetooth, then snap away using the thumb button. Basically, it's dead good.

But imagine just how much this will revolutionise your life. With a compact selfie stick like this you'll be able to fit other things into your pockets as well, never mind the space you're saving in your bag. You'll walk by people with their chunky, non-Bluetooth selfie sticks and laugh. "Ha, the losers," you'll say, whipping out your Kitvision Bluetooth Pocket Selfie Stick and snapping a quick pic of you pulling 'frowny face' at them. "That's going straight onto Instagram with the hashtag #obvioulsynotapocketselfiestick." Yeah, you tell 'em, girlfriend.


Available from www.amazon.co.uk

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