27 March 2016

NEWS: Microsoft working on 'Holoportation'

A new way to ignore your mother's calls.

Remember the Holo-communicator from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, where a character would 'appear' on the bridge and talk to people? Although back then it was an obvious way to cut special effects cost ("Just stand there and act all hologram-y"), holographic communicators may one day soon be a reality, and its all thanks to Microsoft.

Their proposed Holoportation device uses a collection of cameras to capture the live image of a person, as well as the sound of their voice, and then transmits it over the internet. The receiving person then dons a pair of augmented reality glasses (such as Microsoft's forthcoming Hololens) and 'sees' the other person in the same room, allowing them to chat to each other as if they were in the same space.

Right now this all sounds a bit 'kit-heavy', what with all the cameras and lights needed to make it work on both ends. However, if the imaging systems were reduced in size (and maybe built into walls, etc) we could really see this taking off big time. Hey, if you thought Skype-ing with your grandma in Australia was dull, prepare to have her 'sitting' on your sofa, or 'following' you around your house. Christ.

And yes, this would revolutionise the adult entertainment business. You filthy-minded perverts.

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