11 December 2015

REVIEW: Rollei Actioncam 410

You gotta Rollei with it…

Let’s face it, you guys are incredibly exciting. We bet you get in to all manner of scrapes, from sky-driving to skateboarding, and everything else in between. Sure, you could just get on with your action-packed life alone with nobody ever seeing just how damn brave you are, or… you could capture all your adventures with a state-of-the-art action cam. That’s just what we’ve been doing with the Rollei Actioncam 410. Cycling to the office counts, right?

The Rollei Actioncam 410 is a tight little package with just a 5cm width, making it narrower than most other action cameras of this size and spec. Arranged in a square, rather than the standard chunky rectangle, the 410 packs a punch greater than its size suggests. Your headlines on this little baby are that it records 1080p at 60 frames per second as standard. Yeah, 60. We like that.

Using the included mounts (more on those below) we attached it to a bike helmet and went for a ride on a dreary winter morning. Here’s the footage (make sure you’re at 1080 Full HD for truest results, and ignore the date-stamp - we forgot to set it!):

Pretty good, eh. Sure, we’ve all seen and used action cams that capture footage in 1080p, but not many do that at 60 frames per second as standard. The increased frame rate makes the footage smoother and cleaner, and obviously it gives you the option to easily reduce the play rate by 50% without it becoming jittery. If you’re doing something dramatic and need to slow it right down for maximum effect, this is a great camera to use.

As well as fantastic footage, the Actioncam 410 can capture stills at 4MP and also features built-in WiFi to make downloading your files much easier, as well allowing you to use your connected phone as a view finder to line up shots and change settings. The related app is available for both iOS and Android.

Bundled in with the Rollei Actioncam 410 is a nice little selection of useful mounts and accessories. Most prominently there is the waterproof enclosure, capable of keeping the cam dry and safe down to 40 metres of depth. There is also a frame holder into which you slot the cam to attach it to mounts, two M5 sticky plates, and a couple of screw-fixing quick-release clips. Sticking it to a helmet worked very well, we found, but you can also affix it to flat surfaces like a board, car, drone, plane, spaceship… whatever.

Included also is a very useful remote control in the form of a wrist watch. You can control the record functions of the cam with it, as well as changing settings. Using it is great to start and stop recording without having to remove the cam itself from a complicated mount set up.

This is a very capable little camera which, due to the high-specs and bundled accessories, is really worth looking into.

Around £60

Available from www.amazon.co.uk

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