15 November 2015

REVIEW: Bush Eluma B1 Windows Tablet

To B1, or not to B1.

Budget tablets... should you even bother? That is a question you may have asked yourself when shopping around for a new slate – should you save up the pennies and buy an expensive model from one of the leading tech firms, or take your chances with something cheaper? One tablet that may help you to zero in on a decision is the Bush Eluma B1 Windows Tablet.

This is a budget tablet (ie. Under £100) weighing in with an eight inch screen and coming preloaded with Windows 8 (which can be immediately updated to Windows 10 should you wish). The fact that this is a Windows tablet might have already put many off; those who preferring the familiar comfort and larger app stores of Android and iOS. But, as we've said before about Windows tablets, give this a chance and you might be surprised by what you get.

The Bush Eluma B1 Windows Tablet features pretty respectable stats: the screen is 1200 x 800, the device itself is just 9mm thick, and there are 2 GB of RAM working away inside there. Furthermore it has a 1.8GHz Intel quad-core processor and 32 GB of internal storage, expandable to 64 GB thanks to the Micro SD card port. So far, so good – especially considering this all costs less than £80.

We've mentioned before that we believe eight inch tablets are the best size for a slate; small enough to actually use comfortably, while possessing a big enough screen to make watching films and TV worth it. The Bush Eluma B1 Windows Tablet is no exception, and in the general day to day use of emailing, browsing the net, checking Twitter, and watching YouTube, it performed very well. The screen resolution is perfect for a device of this size, while the both the weight and general dimensions made it easy to use 'in hand'.

Having 2 GB of RAM installed certainly helped with that, and although we were surprised to get that amount in a tablet at this price, it could still have performance limits pushed. Run several apps at once and quickly flip between different web pages and you will notice some lag, but nothing to ruin your day and certainly not enough to cause a crash. After heavily testing this thing for about a week now, we've been unable to force it to completely sputter and die – something we, unfortunately, have come to associate with Windows Mobile devices.

So if you're intending to get this and use it to tweet pictures of your dinner, have arguments with strangers on Facebook, and watch YouTube links to funny cat videos your auntie has forwarded on to you (you know, normal internet stuff), you'll be fine – and you'll enjoy the ride as well. Sure, there aren't as many apps available in the Windows Store as you'll find on other devices (what the hell happened to Netflix?), but Windows 10 actually makes up for much of that by making the web page viewing experience quite pleasurable. And, of course, as this is Windows, you'll have access to Microsoft's Office packages such as Word. Couple this baby to a Bluetooth keyboard and you have yourself a very capable and reliable laptop-alternative.

So a solid bit of engineering at a very respectable price... just a shame that Bush have buddied up to Microsoft for it.


Available from www.argos.co.uk

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