16 November 2015

REVIEW: August International Bluetooth Stereo Speakers MS515

August all year round.

Use a portable Bluetooth speaker? If you've ever wondered how to get the very best sound out of a small and relatively cheap speaker, the trick is to double it. Why have one when you could have two, easily achieving stereo sound without pushing the price or size? That's the thinking behind the August International Bluetooth Stereo Speakers MS515.

We'll be honest; this is the first time we've even heard about August International, but after playing around with these speakers for a couple of weeks, they are definitely a name we'll be watching out for. Essentially the August International Bluetooth Stereo Speakers MS515 solve the issue of depth of sound with single Bluetooth speakers – namely you don't get any. There is a reason all good speakers and sound systems use two outputs (or at least dual outputs from the same source) and that is because immersive stereo sound is just simply better.

Regardless of how good your single Bluetooth speaker is (or how much you paid for it), sound that comes from one point never sounds as rich. The August International Bluetooth Stereo Speakers MS515 cracks that by splitting itself in two: you get two separate but identical speaker units that are linked via a USB cable. You then connect your phone, tablet, or laptop using Bluetooth... and you're rocking.

Your headline here is that each of the units possesses a 5W speaker, combining to create a 10 W output. Already that puts the August MS515 waaaaay above the competition at this size and price, so if you're looking for a powerful sound from a small package, here it is. What's more the clarity of that sound was very good. Obviously the stereo capabilities of these speakers goes a long way to improve quality, but both music and spoken word tracks sounded great. Highs and lows are managed well, with only a slight bit of distortion creeping in at high volume levels.

Yes, there's two of them, so you'll be lugging around a slightly bigger package than what you might be used to from a portable Bluetooth speaker (not that much more, mind), but for the improvement in quality and depth it is more than worth it. Furthermore, you'll be partying for even longer thanks to the August International Bluetooth Stereo Speakers MS515's 15 hour battery life. Yes, 15! Holy crap.

Great for both travel and as static desktop speakers, we really love these plucky little guys. Check 'em out.

Around £40

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