3 June 2015

REVIEW: MiPow Power Tube 3000


We've previously had the pleasure of testing MiPow's range of smart lightbulbs, but adding a dash of colour to your home isn't the only thing the tech company dabbles with. Making sure your smartphone is always charged is just as important to them (in order to activate your smart bulbs, we assume), judging by the effort they've placed into their latest portable power pack. We test the MiPow Power Tube 3000.

At first look the Power Tube 3000 seems to be an everyday portable charger: a battery pack with a USB connector to charge it, and an extendable wire to plug into your gadget. However, this little pint-sized power pack has quite a lot more going for it, on top of some very well thought out design features.

In a nutshell, the onboard battery within the Power Tube 3000 is (as you might expect) a 3000mAh capacity with a 5V output. You plug it into a USB port, charge it up, then take it with you to provide your phone (in this case just an Apple product due to the Lightning connector) with some emergency juice whenever you require it. Sounds pretty standard so far, and not unlike the countless others we've reviewed in the past.

However, the MiPow Power Tube 3000 also features Bluetooth connectivity to link itself with the JuiceSync app. An app, designed solely for a power pack? Now we're interested. With the app you can - wirelessly, mind - monitor the Power Tube's current charge, see what temperature the device is currently running at (and set up an alert should it get too hot), and also find it should you misplace it around your home. And you thought it was just a power pack?

In use we found all this extremely helpful, as normal power packs can be pretty vague about how much energy they have left, with some using just a bleakly flashing red light to indicate... something? Having an actual percentage right there on your iPhone's screen was great, as was being able to monitor how hot the Power Tube was.

We also really love the design of the connectors, which are both kept safely concealed underneath a firm-fitting cap which remains on the Lightning cable when removed - we can't tell you how many caps - or indeed USB wires - we've lost from other power chargers in the past. Couple all of the above with a nice choice of colours, and you have yourself a very good mobile essential here. Well played MiPow.


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