5 June 2015

COMPETITION: Win a RAC Digital CarCam 02

By Royal command...

If you're taking a road trip this summer, the most important thing (other than petrol, water, sun cream, money, and your children) is to be safe. More than just gadgets to record highway stupidity in Russia, dash cams have become the must-have car essential to protect you legally (and in terms of your wallet) should you have an accident. That is why we're pleased as punch to offer a very special Father's Day prize - the RAC Digital CarCam 02.

Produced by ProofCam, the RAC's chosen dash cam partner, the CarCam 02 is a very sleek and pint-sized bit of tech that will attach to the inside of your windscreen and record everything that happens in front of your car. As well as capturing all the action, the cam will also record telemetry such as your speed and location, so there can be no doubting the validity of the footage. It is an awesome bit of kit that we had the pleasure of testing first hand.

Look how wee it is!
The first thing that struck us was how small the RAC Digital CarCam 02 is; it was sufficiently smaller than the other dash cams we have reviewed (and given away), making it the perfect choice for those who don't want something large cluttering up their windscreen. Despite that lack of bulk, the cam is not lacking in features, and can capture footage in HD 1080p at 30fps, or at 720p at 60fps - something usually only action cams can do.

You certainly won't miss any of the action either, as the front lens is set with a 170 degree field of view which, depending on where on your windscreen you position it, can pick up most of what happens to the sides of your vehicle as well. Which is good, as idiots aren't just in front of your car, are they?

All the footage and data of your journey (and, if you're unlucky, your accident) are stored on the included 8GB Micro SD card. The CarCam 02 can support cards of up to 32GB, but those worried about filling up the free card should relax, as once full the cam will start to overwrite the info... unless you don't want it to, such as for footage with evidence for your insurance company or the Police.

Also included with the cam is a suction cup mount (that actually works. Yippee!), as well as the necessary power cable that will plug straight into your car's socket. We really enjoyed testing the RAC Digital CarCam 02 and found that both the quality of footage it captures, as well as the playback features on the device's screen, were excellent. For a user-friendly dash cam that is simply plug-in and drive, you can't go wrong here. Want one?


How to enter...

To enter simply get on Twitter and follow us (@thetestpit) and also ProofCam (@ProofCam), and then retweet any tweet we've posted about the RAC CarCam 02 competition before 12th June 2015.

Furthermore, everyone who enters the competition will also be entitled to a discount code at www.raccarcam.co.uk, so everyone is a winner!

The competition will close at 6pm on 12th June 2015 and the winners will be notified soon after. UK entrants only please. To win the entrant must be following both The Test Pit and ProofCam at the time of the draw. The judges' decision is final. For T&Cs please send us an email. 

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