27 May 2015

REVIEW: LEGO Jurassic World T.Rex Tracker #75918

Catch of the day.

As anticipation for the film's release builds, dinosaur fever is gripping Test Pit Towers thanks to Jurassic World, the new sequel to one of our favourite all-time movies. We're so excited about the film that we've even started wrestling with dinos ourselves. Fortunately the prehistoric beasts in question are plastic and just a few inches tall. So here's the first of our Jurassic World LEGO set reviews: T. Rex Tracker.

This set, the second largest of the new Jurassic World releases from LEGO, includes 520 pieces, three minifigures, and - probably the main reason many people will by it - a T. Rex dinosaur. All those components are set together to create a large car-type vehicle which, along with an actual shooting grappling hook and detachable motorbike, can trap the king of the dinosaurs within the locking cage mechanism. And yes, it rolls. Score.

As you can see, our dear old T. Rex fits snugly into the cage, which features a locking mechanism to keep the top closed.  The cage then sits on top of the car itself, which (in our humble, yet LEGO-experienced opinions) is one of the toughest and firmest builds we've ever assembled. Seriously, this thing could survive more than its fair share of drops, having a base frame that is made from both bricks and Technic rods. Hefty fellow, as well.

Here's the cage section removed (it just rests on top of the car - but wedged in so it won't slide about), and also the side motorbike deployed. This shot gives a good impression of the scale when compared to a minifig.

Look at this thing! We totally love the new Jurassic World dinosaurs, and this was the one we were most excited to get our filthy hands on. It is the same size as the new Indominus Rex (included in the set we'll be reviewing in a couple of weeks time), but with the classic brown T. Rex colouring. In terms of articulation, the lower tail, both legs, both arms, the head, and the jaw can all be positioned, and every joint is moulded from a Technic pin, meaning - we're you so inclined (and we've just thought of some batshit crazy uses) - you could incorporate the dino parts into other builds.

In terms of minifigures, the T. Rex Tracker includes three: (L to R) ACU; which we assume is some sort of security guard in the film - this one is a girl as opposed to the one in the aforementioned larger set, Hoskins; who appears to be some sort of suspicious character who comes with an ominous briefcase, and Vet; who is possibly a vet. Unless that is a nickname? All three are great figures with nice accessories and lots of printed detail.

On the right side of the tracker vehicle, here demonstrated by the Vet figure, is the grappling hook. The hook itself is a modified green dart that we've played with before in a few Star Wars sets from last year. This one however features a rubberised hook which attaches to a length of string, which in turn fastens to the launcher itself. This can be position at various angles thanks to a ball socket joint, and it actually does work when fired at the T. Rex's legs.

On 'tother side we have a detachable motorbike. Not much to say about it other than it looks pretty cool, and having an extra vehicle of any kind thrown in there is a great bonus. The ACU guard looks awesome on it, and we assume in the film it is used to round up errant dinosaurs.

Yes, the tracker's cockpit does fit figures; two 'seats' and also space in the back for others.

On the rear of the tracker there are removable accessories in the form of a crate containing a syringe (dino knock-out sauce, maybe?), a computer terminal with the lovely LEGO printed Keyboard tile that we love so much, and also a little satellite dish. All this can either stay put on the back of the vehicle or be removed for extra playability.

Aarrgghh! T. Rex escaped! We love this set and it is clear that LEGO have ploughed a lot of thought into these new Jurassic World releases. The build took us a bout two to three hours, and once completed offered lots of play scope, as well as a good mix of parts of pieces once broken down again. But its the T. Rex, innit? You want it just for that. Go for it, friends.


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