29 May 2015

REVIEW: BT Dual-Band Wifi Extender 1200

Your toilet is now WiFi ready.

Most of us have that awkward corner of the house where the WiFi just doesn't reach very well; be it in the attic, the basement, or - as an apparent increasing number of us now require - the bathroom. The answer isn't to buy a super-powerful WiFi router with antennae larger than Jodrell Bank, but rather to get a range extender. We've found a good one, at a reasonable price, from BT: the Dual-Band Wifi Extender 1200.

Designed to plug directly into your power socket (unlike the chunky Netgear EX6200 WiFi Range Extender we recently reviewed), the BT Dual-Band Wifi Extender 1200 is a tidy package with an easy set up and some nice features. Like all decent WiFi range extenders it features the option to connect to your router or hub via WPS, and after pressing both the buttons on the 1200 and our router, the two bits of tech were linked in mere seconds.

Unlike other extenders we've reviewed, this effort from BT includes a handy range finder, displaying very clearly if you have placed it too close or too far from your router. This was massively helpful, as nobody ever truly knows how far to place an extender from their router. With the indicator's help, we found it super easy to find the right spot to both pick-up the existing wireless signal, and then project it to those awkward areas.

Once connected we found that our WiFi coverage in the house was total, with the unique network created by the BT Dual-Band Wifi Extender 1200 being our go-to choice in those once rubbish areas. Speeds were very impressive, and it very much felt as though we were connected directly and very closely to the main router, which is pretty much all you can ask.


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