1 May 2015

REVIEW: Aldi Pop-Up Gazebo

Seeking shelter.

Spring has fully sprung, and many of us are rediscovering that extra room of the house that only really gets used for a few months each year; the garden. But the thing about most gardens is that they lack a roof (crazy, we know) meaning that if, like us, you live on the pleasant island called Great Britain, you're gonna get wet at some point. Fortunately Aldi have the answer to your spring-time outside woes, in the form of their Pop-Up Gazebo.

Part of Aldi's Special Buy range (which we so love, here at Test Pit Towers) for 30th April 2015, the Pop-Up Gazebo measures a whopping three metres by three metres, and stands almost another three metres tall. Despite covering a big chunk of your garden, and allowing dozens of people to shelter underneath, Aldi's Pop-Up Gazebo packs down neatly to a size that can be easily carried about and transported in your car's boot.

Putting this up is a total breeze as there are no additional poles that need to be screwed or pinned in - the whole thing comes complete and expands with no effort at all. It can even be packed away with the roof cover still attached (which is UV resistant and water repellent), saving you the bother of having to wrap the massive piece of material over the top.  To get the main frame up straight out of the carry case took us less than five minutes.

The Pop-Up Gazebo also comes with two side panels, one complete and one with a plastic window. These attached very easily to the frame with velcro loops and can be added quickly, just in case of sideways rain and windy days. Aldi are also selling an extra two panels, letting you fully surround your gazebo, for just £12.99. With all the panels on, the whole erection process (tee hee) took - just one person, mind - about 15 minutes. If a rain shower struck suddenly while BBQing with the neighbours (or during an introduction to that swinging site you just joined), you'd be sorted in no time at all.

You also get four stakes to keep the legs in place, and four guy ropes to anchor it to you lawn if the wind should pick up. We found that, in a sheltered garden with a firm lawn, these weren't always necessary and the weight of the gazebo itself was enough to keep it in place - but it's a nice touch to include them.

So this is really great addition to your increasingly accessible garden, and - of course - at a really great price.


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